A Trip Back in Time

 Kids say the darndest things…  

Due to a slow news week and a lack of time to prepare a throw down entry, let’s travel 50 years back in time to 1957 in New Orleans, where 4 year old sister ‘Dee Dee’ has ostensibly written a letter to her grandfather. The following was actually written by our mother, and it always makes us laugh when we read it (I think I just blew out my spell check by writing this!): 

Thursday night 

Dere Paw-Paw, 

I wont 2 tel u about raisins. Ef u put wun up yer noz, it duz not even hert. I no becuz I put wun en my noz on Toosday. It is a gud way to get Mommie to jump around and get a lot things dun in a hurry, so ef u ever wont Memaw to jump around, put a raisin way up in yer noz. It duzn’t hert. 

Mommie wuz so-ing on Memaw’s red coat and getting reddy to wrap it up and also to wrap Mam-maw’s pyjimas for her berthday when I cam and told her I didn’t wont to eet the raisin I had put up my noz becuz I cudn’t git it out. She rilly hopped up and put me on the bed and tried to pik the raisin out with her tweezrs, but I moved and scratched my noz and boy did it bleed and when I saw the blood boy did I holler. 

That maid her run around more and she phoned the doctor and he sed cum rite over- so she put a rag on my noz and then she hurried and tied up her packages- and she hollered at everybody and I just hollered. 

When we got to the doctor, I stopped hollering- and the hole ofice wuz full of people, so we had to wate a long time. Tetot kept falling off the chair, becuz she was playing she was fishing and falling in the water, and Carol kept wanting to red Mommie’s book and kep kicking me with her big shoes and it wuz verry crowded and we had to stay about an our befor our tern came. 

Then my noz felt lik I had a big bugger- so I took my rag and blue real hard- and whut do u no! That big raisin just popped right out! All the pepul in the ofice lafed and lafed and the nerse lafed too and the doctur sed he woodn’t send a bill. Mommie lafed a littil too, but I think she had things she’d ruther hav ben doing at hom. We wer all glad I new how to blo my noz so hard. Aren’t u. 

Luv frum yer


(Thanks for the laugh, Mom! I don’t know how you ever managed… )


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