Sweet Dreams

A dream is a wish your heart makes…                                                                                                           –Cinderella 

Somehow my pillowslip ended up on the floor this morning. I didn’t even notice that it was off the pillow until I spied a crumpled wad of fabric down by the bedpost as I walked through the room later on. I think Bailey had taken advantage of this unexpected gift from above and made a little bed out of it.  

How did that happen? Over the past three nights I have had some so-called ‘anxiety dreams’ where I’ve been searching for something. In the first, I was searching for my car in a multi-story parking lot. It was a rental car, and I couldn’t remember what kind it was or what it looked like (this was helpful!), nor of course what level I had parked on. In the second, I was searching for my classroom in college, but I couldn’t remember what class it was that I had signed up for (even more helpful!).  

Then last night, I lost Joel in an airport. Our plane was boarding, and it must have been a Southwest Airlines flight, because why else would I have been anxious about getting a good seat? In this dream, I either didn’t have my cell phone or I didn’t think about calling him (dreams don’t exactly make much sense sometimes), so I just went ahead and boarded with hopes that he’d show up. Once inside the plane, I found myself in what looked like a theater with plush seats. I picked a window seat that was almost hidden, and then I anxiously looked for Joel to come through the door.  

Well, I never found my car in the parking lot, and I never found my classroom in college, but Joel did board that plane, and I was so happy to see him! But that doesn’t explain why my pillowslip was on the floor this morning… 

Dreams are funny things and I’ve had some doozies! I’ve walked in my sleep, talked in my sleep but what I do mostly is dream vividly and wonder what they mean. There was the time that I shook Joel awake as a newlywed and asked him “WHO ARE YOU??” He said, “It’s me!” which was apparently a good enough answer for me, because I just rolled over and went back to sleep. Then there was another night when I woke him up to report that orange juice was dripping from the ceiling (I have no idea where that one came from). 

But taking the pillowslip off my pillow in the middle of the night and tossing it on the floor? Maybe I was dreaming that I wanted a pillow on the Southwest plane that I’d boarded, but after having read that airlines don’t clean the pillows or blankets between flights (so don’t ask for one… bring your own), I unconsciously took my own pillowslip off my pillow and threw it on the floor?  

I guess I should better ask myself why I am having so many searching dreams lately. What am I searching for? The fact that Joel showed up in my dream last night was a good sign that it’s not a replacement for him! Maybe I’m at a crossroads as far as ‘what to do’, as my website ‘pay’ job is coming to an end (I’ll still be working on the arts pages as a volunteer). Maybe I’m searching for a new challenge?  

Could be! I keep threatening to write a book. Maybe this is a sign! Let’s see what I dream about tonight!


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