Mother of the Bride, Chapter 7

I’ve got a little list- I’ve got a little list…                                                          – W.S. Gilbert (The Mikado, 1885) 

We are making progress on this wedding thing. After a recent anxiety dream about riding a bicycle with enormous tires which elevated me too high to balance (and therefore made me wobbly), I experienced a “wake up call” that this very special event was less than a year away! All of a sudden, I realized that I’d best get busy and book some important vendors. I hate it when thoughts like this come in the middle of the night, because sleep is impossible after that. 

Before now, I’d consoled myself that it was over a year away, so we had plenty of time to finalize the plans. But after a whirlwind summer of renovations and remodeling, time had slipped away, and I knew that if I wanted some particular key people, I’d best start making arrangements to book them el pronto. 

First came our dear friend and excellent photographer, Temple Webber. Joel and Temp went to Washington & Lee together, and since then, Temp has established himself as one of the finest photographers in town. We would have no other person document Shannon’s wedding. Temp took her first formal baby pictures; he’s awesome, and when I talked to him on the phone, he was very, very honored that we have entrusted him with this task. 

Flowers? I was clueless. In talking to other recent MOB’s who’ve hosted weddings at St. Luke’s, one name kept popping up: Wedding Flowers by Lisa. So in a blind leap of faith, I called and got us on their calendar. We booked an appointment, which was this week, and Shannon and I found ourselves in an unfamiliar east Houston neighborhood. 

The address on her card said 1520 Delano (off Leeland). We found our way to the block, but there was no 1520. There was a 1510, but no signage, so Shannon and I drove around, thinking we could figure it out, but eventually gave up. I called our ace wedding coordinator, Joyce, who was meeting us there, and left a voice mail that we were unsure where we were going. 

Aha! Along came a mailman. I flagged him down to ask directions, and he pointed to an unmarked door. So we rang the bell, and found ourselves in the workroom of Wedding Flowers by Lisa. They apologized for their lack of signage and our confusion, but on the flip side, we got an interesting backdoor tour! As it turns out, her NEW cards indicate the right address, which is somewhat more helpful. 

So all was well. Joyce then arrived through the front door, and as she has worked with Lisa many times, we immediately felt comfortable with her. She was terrific in determining Shannon’s style and suggested some perfect options for both the wedding ceremony and reception. And because she is so familiar with both venues, she knows exactly what will work in each. 

Lisa showed us sample flowers and photos of concepts; we were impressed with her knowledge and flair. Both Shannon and I were heartened by her presentation, because in our ignorance about particular flower names, we opined that we preferred “fluffy” flowers as opposed to “clumpy” ones. Everyone laughed, but you know what? Lisa got it. 

 The moment of truth came when she went back to crunch numbers. I asked Joyce what was the average cost of wedding flowers, and she replied that it was all over the map, suggesting ranges of what she had seen over her years of coordinating weddings. 

We had budgeted towards the low end of Joyce’s numbers, and when Lisa came back and said she could do all we had discussed at $300 less than our budget, we were thrilled! 

Afterwards, Joyce, Shannon and I had lunch back in our neck of the woods and discussed the next items on our “to do list”. I know there will be some more specific decisions to make regarding flowers, but for now, I am content that this particular item is under control and can be crossed off our list. And I am hopeful that I sleep well tonight with no more anxiety dreams about riding on precarious bicycles!


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  1. Love the honest and enthusiastic way that you are sharing you and your daughter’s journey, especially loved the story about trying to find the flower store, how frustrating!

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