Weirdly Sick

When Jesus heard this, he said, “Healthy people don’t need a doctor—sick people do.”  ~ Matthew 9:12

Regular pewperson readers know that I am never… well hardly ever, sick. It happens so infrequently that I can think back and recall each occasion vividly. The last time it happened was in September of 2009, when I had a temperature spike of five degrees, which really knocked the wind out of my sails. It only lasted a day or two, but it took me awhile to get back on my feet. That’s all it was; there were no other symptoms. Weird. 

It was about that same time that I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis (RA), an autoimmune disease which can be debilitating, but with drug therapy, it is controllable, and because my case has been so mild, my rheumatologist has taken me off my meds for six months to see if it has gone into remission. 

In December I went in for my annual checkup with my “main” doctor, the gatekeeper, and the one who is always trying to find something wrong with me. He always asks me about this or that, and I always say, “I’m doing great! No problems, etc.” I think I frustrate him. 

The reason I am beholden to going to him so regularly in the face of my seemingly good health is that I have my father’s inherited overly elevated cholesterol level, which cannot be controlled by diet, so I must take a statin drug. And because of that one prescription, I must get checked regularly to make sure it isn’t doing weird things to my innards. 

After the doctor finished the exam, I thought I was good to go, but no. In came his assistant who said that he wanted to run a test on me that involved injecting me with a solution and waiting 15 minutes, drawing blood, waiting another 15 minutes and drawing some more. I can’t even tell you what the heck he was looking for (something about my thyroid), but I sighed and agreed. 

She said I may feel a sensation of needing to urinate and experience a metallic taste in my mouth, both of which indeed occurred, but neither caused much discomfort. Weird. 

After having had a needle stuck in my arm for 30 minutes, my elbow was a little sore. Then over the next few days, my shoulder was sore. Then the other one. And my feet. And then my knees. It seemed like all my joints were sore. Was it a resurgence of RA? Yikes!

I decided to call the rheumatologist not only to make my semi-annual appointment with her, but also to ask about this sudden soreness, wondering if I should begin taking the meds that I had previously been taking. She was out of town, and the earliest I could see her was mid January. Her partner suggested that I take prednisone, a steroid, until she could evaluate my condition. 

Reluctantly, I filled the prescription, but after I took a look at the “possible” side effects, I decided to forgo taking them, thinking that I’d rather be sore than sick. And so I persevered. The soreness was strangely random, often very painful, and sometimes gone. Weird. 

The night of Dec. 26, I could not get comfortable. Not even my trusty Tempur pedic mattress helped. I tossed, I turned, then my nose started to run, and my wrist hurt so badly that I put a stabilizing brace on it. My head hurt, too, which is unusual, since I seldom have headaches. “Someone” was snoring, and I simply did not sleep a wink. 

Joel says he thought he heard me crying, but I wasn’t. I may have groaned in anguish, and I know at one point, I begged, “please God, heal me with your touch!” 

In the morning, I limped out of bed to take care of Tucker, and then, since it was raining outside, I just flopped on the couch in the kitchen and enjoyed the warmth of the fire. Just as soon as Joel got up, my plan was to go back to bed. 

I don’t know why, but before I did that, I took my temperature. It was over 100 (normally, it is 97.8). Hmm. Weird. Then I got back in bed and slept deeply for about 4 hours.

When I got up, I had no more pain. None. All my joints were flexible and easy to bend. No headache. My temperature was back to 97.8, and I was ravenous. Since then, I have had no recurrence of pain or fever. Weird… but awesome. 

The next day, the doctor’s office called to report that all my numbers were good, (which I could have TOLD her before I took the stupid test). I reported to her what had happened afterwards,  and wondered if it had been a reaction to the test. She couldn’t understand how, but documented it, just in case. There is just no explaining the timing of the onset and then the suddenness of its disappearance. 

It wasn’t until two days later when it occurred to me that, in my anguish, I had called on God with a prayer requesting healing. And so I was healed, shortly thereafter. Coincidence? Or just weird? 

I know God has many, many other, WAY more important cries of anguish to attend to, but could He possibly have heard mine? I choose to believe He did, and because I do, I know I must glorify His name, and be ever mindful of His grace. What can I do to repay His gift to me? Lots. I can think of many ways, and they will be done. 

I wonder what my rheumatologist will say when I see her? I almost can’t wait! In the meantime, I’ve been running, packing up Christmas, etc. with no ill effects, no wrist brace, no limping, just ordinary, but much appreciated normalcy. 



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  1. I was thinking the other day when I was not feeling well, that the last time I was in bed was 2008 with a hip replacement, and I was wishing I had one of those tv’s near the ceiling. But I wasn’t awake enough to bother. Like you, I slept it off in a marathon nap, and awoke feeling quite normal, thank you! Today it’s an allergy to the early dropping of oak leaves in the street gutter, I thought I had to bag up! Because of the street grime, I don’t put them in my compost. I keep forgetting how these leaves treat me…usually in Feb-March!
    You and I are too busy to be down for long!

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