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Churchlady is an empty nester with a grown daughter who is married, a ‘family’ of cats and dogs and a husband of long standing (high school sweetheart). Although she has retired as a website manager for a large Methodist church in Houston, TX (USA), she continues to publicize its fine arts events. A fifth generation Texan, she writes about life experiences that deal with family, her church, her faith and her friends (both two legged and four). 


12 Responses

  1. Carol, I LOVE it. Keep up the good work. I’m so proud of you for doing this. I am still having a hard time checking my e-mail. I’m adding you to my favorites (web sites, that is) you were added my life favorites long ago.

  2. Miss Carol!!! You are an awesome writer. What a good college education you must have gotten!! smile:) Keep it up-I’ll keep checking. Oh how I wish you lived closer…XOXO Beth

  3. Dear Carol:
    I enjoy your writing style. I have often
    attempted to be a journalist myself but
    never felt I could quite get the knack of it.
    I have alot of fond memories of vitits to your
    home ets.
    Love Lucy

  4. WOW Carol! This is great!
    “another church lady”

  5. Carol:
    I like your last “searching” blog. That makes
    me wonder. Where is Kathy Krause now? I think
    she then was Kathy Armstrong?

  6. Carol:
    Have you ever gone to WriteonAustin.org?
    I enjoyed reading the stories that people
    wrote. You may like it.

  7. Carol,

    I have been reading your blog periodically for a while…never realized till today that it was you. Great!

    Michelle T.

  8. Dear Carol,
    Sister Carolyn has shared your recent “blog” with us, with the wonderful photo of Mary, Polly, and Carolyn in December ’09……….and, alas, your tenderly written description of their “stories” since that “innocent time”. As clearly painful as it is, what you’ve written is a beautiful message of friendship, love, and faith. Sometimes it’s hard for us to remember the good things, to remember we’re blessed, remember to appreciate each and every day and person in our lives……..and you’re helping us to do so. Thank you!!
    Love, Michael G

  9. My sister Betty Overall gave me this site to look at. I was trying to contact you to discuss our family connection. I am the great grandson of Emil Huffmeyer. Yes, there are some of us still around. Adolf Huffmeyer was his brother and your great grandfather I assume. I have always wanted to meet some of our relatives but have not had much opportunity. The only one I have really spoken with much is Tim Huffmeyer in the Houston area. I would love to visit with you if you have the desire.

    • mark sawyer, i am andrew frederick huffmeyer, great-grandson of adolphe. rita tait huffmeyer, my sister-in-law, gave me your phone number and email address several years ago, but when i emailed and called you had already left that position, real estate as i recall. i hope you and carol contact me so we can swap family history, etc.

  10. My email should have been the same. My cell number is 512-784-8412. We live in Lakeway outside Austin. Give me a call anytime.

    • Hi guys,

      Here is one of your 3rd cousins! My great-grandfather was Adolph Huffmeyer also. His daughter Stella Huffmeyer Seymour was my grandmother; her daughter Lois Seymour Wilson was my mother, who died last year at the age of 92.
      I am Marion Wilson Dies, live in CA. My brother, Scott Wilson and sister, Terry Wilson live here in So. California also. marion.dies@gmail.com 323-497-5639

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