Direct Sales
June 21, 2014




My dad, being a salesman, taught me you can sell anybody anything if you’ve got the ability to believe. ~Marilyn Manson

Over the years, I have sat through many a Cutco presentation by some very earnest young men. All have been guys from our church, so I always say yes when they call me. My thought is that if this young person has the gumption to make a cold call, and has the moxie to make a presentation to me, well then, I’m going to buy something from him. Cutco does offer good products, and I’ve always been pleased with my purchases.

The hard part is listening to the spiel over and over, but one must let them practice to prepare for presentations to others who haven’t heard it yet.

Going back in time, I am remembering a cookware presentation done in one of the “Dating Parlors” at Randolph-Macon Woman’s College, back in the spring of my senior year, when I had visions of marrying a special young man (to whom I am now married). The product was called Thermo-Core, and was described as “Thermium Multi-plex Stainless Steel”. Made in USA.


The salesman enticed me with promises of lifetime guarantees for this superior product. The package included a covered skillet, a Dutch oven, three covered sauce pans plus an insert to make a double boiler, AND another insert that went into the Dutch oven that would warm baby bottles! (of course, this was before the days of microwave ovens, which eventually made the baby bottle insert obsolete). But in case you didn’t need that baby bottle feature, there were little cups you could stick in the holes if you wanted to poach eggs like my mom used to do. He also demonstrated how one could stack sauce pans with that double boiler insert to keep things warm and save energy (pretty forward thinking in 1977!).

It all sounded good to me. But I had no money. Of course, they offered a payout plan, which I can’t believe I agreed to. My thought was that I’d get a job and pay for it later. I can’t remember, but I think the whole shebang cost several hundred dollars.

I didn’t ask my mother for guidance, mostly because it would have involved a long distance call, which involved money which I didn’t have, or a letter, to which I wouldn’t have a reply for maybe a week.

Speaking of my mom, I hate to admit it, but her cookware was pretty flimsy back then, and that was one of the reasons I made the executive decision to buy this “superior” product.

Fast forward 37 years. I am still using all of the pieces I purchased and paid out way back then. Well, except that I don’t much use the baby bottle insert, nor the egg poaching accessories!


Yes, I know there are many new and amazing cookware products out there, and some are in my cupboard next to my Thermo-Core pieces. But I still go to those old saucepans and the skillet first. They are old friends, and way more than good enough for me. And they go in the dishwasher (bonus points!).

So you might think twice when someone calls you or invites you to consider a product. There’s a good chance you will be very pleased with your purchase! Here’s to all those who have ever been in direct sales, pitching cutlery, cookware, skin care products or costume jewelry, etc. You all have earned my admiration.